Ocster Backup becomes Ashampoo Backup
Ocster services will switch off - migrate to Ashampoo Backup

Dear Ocster customer,

In spring 2016 Ocster Backup was acquired by the german software studio Ashampoo. Since then development on the software has continued under the new name "Ashampoo Backup".

Ocster services will switch off on November 30th, 2017

Since the change, the Ashampoo team has continued to provide the supporting backend services for the old Ocster version. However, this takes up valuable resources that we would prefer to spend on the development of new features for the software. Because of this, the supporting services for the old Ocster software will be switched off on November 30th, 2017. After that, all Ocster functions that rely on backend services will stop working (like backup report emails, connecting to cloud storage systems, etc.).

We recommend that all Ocster users switch to Ashampoo Backup as soon as possible. It is a more advanced version of the same software and it is 100% compatible.

You have two options:

Option 1: Upgrade to the newest version (recommended)

Ashampoo Backup 11 is the newest version of the software and it has many improvements over both Ocster Backup and Ashampoo Backup 10. More information.

Ashampoo offers an upgrade to this new improved version to Ocster customers for only 9.99 USD 39.99 USD (75 % discount).

Option 2: Switch to the older Ashampoo Backup 10 for FREE

If you do not want to upgrade to the newer Ashampoo Backup 11, you can switch to the older Ashampoo Backup 10 for FREE.

Ashampoo offers all Ocster customers to convert their Ocster licenses to Ashampoo licenses for free. As with your Ocster licenses, your new Ashampoo licenses will be full licenses, without time restrictions or subscription plans.


Is everything different now?

Ashampoo Backup is almost identical to Ocster Backup. It is basically the same program and will feel instantly familiar.

What about the future development?

Ashampoo has also acquired the development team behind Ocster Backup. This means that the product will continue to be developed by the same people that brought you Ocster Backup.

How can I transfer my backups to Ashampoo Backup?

You can import your existing backup plans and backup data into Ashampoo Backup.
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