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Ashampoo offers all Ocster customers to convert their Ocster licenses to Ashampoo licenses for free. As with your Ocster licenses, your new Ashampoo licenses will be full licenses, without time restrictions or subscription plans.

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Ocster Backup Business 8

This page describes an older version of the software.
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50% smaller backups !

A unique new technology called Infinite Reverse Incremental Backup enables Ocster Backup Business 8 to create much smaller image backups than other backup solutions. The total size of the backup data is reduced by approximately 50 %!
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Normal incremental systems can only create a limited number of incremental backups before they need to add a new full backup. Otherwise their backup quality decreases and restore times increase too much. They also cannot delete old backups without either creating a new full backup or performing time-consuming data merge operations.

The infinite reverse incremental system used by Ocster Backup Business 8 does all of this much better. Only a single full backup will ever be created. Because of the reverse incremental setup, old backups can easily be deleted at any time and the data safety and backup quality do not decrease over time.

Since only a single full backup is stored (compared to the two or more full backups needed by other systems), the overall backup data size is much smaller.


What's new?

  • Infinite reverse incremental image backup: save 50% space
  • Support for hard disks bigger than 2 TB
  • New advanced scheduling options
  • Automatic shut down after backup
  • Sleep mode control during backup
  • Commandline interface
  • Execute custom commands before and after backup
  • Backup report emails can now also be sent through your own SMTP server (sending through Ocster servers is also still supported, of course)
Very easy to use

Very easy to use

  • No technical knowledge required
  • Options explained directly on the screens with pros and cons
  • Technical details are handled automatically in the background (backup of boot sectors, ...)
  • Ready-made options for application backup: Outlook, Thunderbird, Internet Explorer, Firefox, ...
Does not disturb you

Does not disturb you

  • Backups are fully automatic and made in the background
  • Backups can be paused or interrupted at any time. They will resume later, even after a reboot.
  • Automatic Pausing: Backups will automatically pause when the software detects that you need the full power of your computer.

Expert features

  • Commandline interface
  • Execute custom commands before and after backup
  • Remote monitoring of backups on other computers in the local network
  • Sleep mode control during backup


  • Image backup: backup individual partitions or your whole computer
  • File and folder backup with different storage formats
  • Versioning: keeps old versions of your backup data
  • Advanced scheduling (even very complex schedules possible)
  • Create as many backup plans as you like

Backup Reports

  • Backup reports can be generated each time the backup is updated
  • Level of detail is configurable
  • Optional email delivery (either using your own SMTP server or using Ocster servers)
Smart Rules

Smart Rules

  • Back up application data and settings with one click
  • Microsoft Outlook emails and calendars
  • Google Chrome bookmarks, settings and add-ons
  • Internet Explorer bookmarks
  • Mozilla Firefox bookmarks, settings and add-ons
  • Mozilla Thunderbird emails, calenders, settings and add-ons
  • Windows contacts
High technical standards

High technical standards

  • Backups are made by a service independent of the user (also if no one is logged in)
  • Compression
  • Encryption (only for file-based backup)
  • Open file backup
  • Symbolic link (symlink) support
  • and much more...
System requirements

System requirements

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP (64 Bit versions are also supported)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Free space on hard disk: ca. 125 MB
Additional resources

Additional resources

Single license (for 1 computer):
Full version: 49.90 USD
Upgrade: 29.90 USD
Small Office License (for 3 computers):
Full version: 79.90 USD
Upgrade: 39.90 USD
One time payment for full license (no time limit)