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Ocster Backup Pro 7

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Ocster Backup Pro 7 - Easier, Faster, Better

  • No technical knowledge required
  • Backup your whole PC with just a few clicks
  • Automatic options for Outlook, Thunderbird, Internet Explorer, Firefox, ...

In the background
  • Fully automatic backups
  • Automatic Pausing: never disturbs your normal work
  • Backup reports summarize backups

  • Versioning: keeps multiple versions of your files
  • Protect your backup with a password (encryption)
  • Storage in ultra safe Ocster Secure Storage (optional)
  • Rescue-CD for emergencies

Fast and Small
  • Only stores changes since last backup (incremental)
  • Compression safes backup space

Flexible Storage
  • Hard disk
  • Network drive
  • Ocster's data center (Ocster Secure Storage)

Flexible Format
  • Standard VMDK file format for Full-PC Backup
  • Ocster archive format
  • Full manual control with 1:1 file copy format