Ocster Backup Support

Ocster Backup has been acquired by the renowned german software developer Ashampoo and now goes by the name Ashampoo Backup. The customer support for the old version Ocster Backup has since been discontinued.

But all Ocster customers can exchange their licenses for free for Ashampoo licenses. As with your Ocster licenses, the new Ashampoo licenses are full licenses, without time restrictions or subscription plans.

Click here to switch for free to Ashampoo Backup

If you have questions regarding the switch to Ashampoo Backup then please contact the Ashampoo customer support under the following email address:

More information and answers to frequently asked questions can also be found here: http://www.ocster.com

If you want to contact the original company Ocster for other reasons, then please use the Ocster contact form on this website: Contact Form